Musical Instruments from Jonathan's collections have now been made available. To express enquiries of interest or for further information please make contact.

Jonathan White's Collection - a NZ Landscape Artist

Upright floor model in walnut case. Serial number 8908, complete with 45 discs. Provenance: installed new in the stand arcade, Auckland in 1902. The instrument passed into the Bryan Jackson Museum, Marua Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, where it was restored in the 1960’s by L Elliot. It was purchased by JRW in 1968, his first Music Box.
Price NZD $7000.00

1860’s Piano with stool. Ex: New Zealand Exhibition, Dunedin, 12 January- 6 May 1865. Provenance: Purchased by Rod Cornelis from an Antique Shop, Dunedin after a long-term customer layby did not eventuate. Taken to Auckland: it was subsequently sold by Rod Cornelis to JRW who had it restored, including the fretwork.
Price NZD $3000.00

1932 Marshall & Wendall Ampico Reproducing Piano. Dating from c. 1932, it has a Mediterranean Artcase (Spanish) built in Mahogany and Satinwood. Provenance: Restored by Craig Brougher in 1988 for David and Diana Perry, of little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Purchased by JRW in January 1994 and airfreighted to New Zealand in April 1994.
Price NZD $35,000.00

1903 Regina Automatic Changer, Corona Style 35, Home Model. Automatic Changer 15 ½ Home Model music box in Mahogany case. Serial number: 51260, with 89 Discs. Dated 21st May 1903 (MBSI Cert.) Provenance: Shipped from the Regina Music Box Works in Rahway, New Jersey for Mr ER Riley of White Plains, New York on 21st May 1903. It remained in the same house until 1992, when it was acquired by Martin Roenigk in 1992. The instrument was subsequently purchased by JRW and airfreighted to New Zealand in January 1993.
Price NZD $40,000.00

1899 Regina Orchestral Corona Style 34. Regina 27-inch automatic changer- style 34. Serial number 47141, with 48 discs. This instrument was shipped from the Regina factory, Rahway, New Jersey on 15th November 1899 (MBSI Cert.) to the San Francisco showrooms. It is a coin operated model in mahogany case. Fully restored by Christian and Kathleen Eric, of California. Provenance: Ex: Collection of Ira Goldberg, Beverly Hills: to Marty and Elise Roenigk: purchased by JRW and airfreighted to New Zealand in July 1995.
Price NZD $35,000.00

1916 Link 2 E. Provence; Serial number 6269. Originally installed in a public house on the West Coast, USA. It was purchased through a dealer by William A (Bill) Toth, of Dana Point, California. Restored by Noel Burndahl in 1997, it was purchased by JRW and airfreighted to New Zealand in April 1998.
Price NZD $60,000.00

Mira Console 18 ½ Inch Disc Music Box. Console model. Serial number: 8366. 18 ½ inch MIRA built in 1903 and housed in a mahogany case with 60 discs. Provenance: Sold through the Jacot Music Box Company, 39 Union Square, New York, USA. Ex: House in New York: to William A (Bill) Toth, California in 1970’s and purchased by JRW in 1997. Airfreighted to New Zealand in September 1997.
Price NZD $15,000.00

1927 Mills Violano Virtuoso - Rachael. No. 3042. Provenance: Originally installed in Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop, Bourbon Street, New Orleans, 1927- a public house that had the distinction of being the oldest surviving building in New Orleans (built in 1720 and the oldest bar in continuous licence in the United States. Then in the 1950’s acquired by a college student who used the instrument to put himself through college: hence to a dealer in New York: hence Gerry Cussick of Kansas City; hence Estate of Gerry Cussick Auction to a collector in Texas: hence to Ferners Auction House, Kansas City after collector in Texas got into financial difficulties. Then to Paul Gottschalk, of Champaign, Illinois, and on behalf of JRW fully restored over seven years (hence the name “Racheal”) by Craig Brougher of Independence, Missouri; subsequently shipped to Chicago; then air freighted to San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney and Auckland by JRW in 1993.
Price NZD $55,000.00

1917 Seeburg G Orchestrion. Late Model, c 1917. The unusual pipe arrangement is original and consists of Flute and Octave Flute pipes. Provenance: Marketed under the Harwoods Kansas City Label, this orchestration was originally installed in an ice cream parlour in Dodge City, Kansas; hence to a private collection, Arizona: hence Galen Bird, of Kansas City and Lincoln K. Fully restored by Craig Brougher, of Independence, Missouri: hence purchased by JRW and airfreighted to New Zealand in 1992.
Price NZD $85,000.00

1880 Paillard N.Y Cylinder Music box and table. The 17 5/8-inch interchangeable Paillard Cylinder Music Box was built in 1877 (keylock date stamped 1877) and is complete with 4 cylinders. Serial Number: 4903. Provenance: the instrument was a gift from John D Rockefeller Snr to the original owners, who lived in Connecticut, c.1880 as a wedding present. Sold by their daughter, Mrs Janet Redmond to Marty and Elise Roenigk for their collection c. 1980. It had, however, been banished to the basement for 40 years as it didn’t play. It wasn’t playing at the time of the sale in October 1992 to JRW and was subsequently airfreighted back to New Zealand in 1993. It was restored- cleaned and lubricated by Dwight Porter (Porter Music box Company) who also discovered that it had a broken tooth, which had been lodged in the mechanism. The tooth was replaced.
Price NZD $45,000.00

1899 17 ¼ Stella Art Nouveau Music box, on table. Made in Switzerland, c. 1899. Said to be 3 others in the world. Provenance: Ex: New Hampshire or Connecticut House: Purchased by Marty & Elise Roenigk: hence to JRW.
Price NZD $27,000.00

Square Piano. Dating between 1830 and 1860’s (straight legs indicate a more likely period of the 1860’s), the feather mahogany piano came to New Zealand for AJ White importer, Christchurch. Subsequently in the Kaiapoi Woollen Mills, it was played with a push up piano player- which accounts for the wearing on the keys. Sold to a Sydney collector: it then arrived back in Christchurch, where it was purchased by Rod Cornelius. After moving from Dunedin to Auckland the piano was purchased by JRW in 2008.
Price NZD $2200.00

1889 Aeolian Grand Organ with stool. Provenance: Recovered in 1960 from a trailer by wellington Collector, Michael Woolf, as it was on its way to the wellington tip- because it hasn’t got an iron frame. Purchased from Michael Woolf by JRW in 1972 and restored in 1993. Stool from the Presbyterian Church.
Price NZD $2500.00

21 Inch Twelve Tune Cylinder Music Box. Maker: George Bendon. Complete with original tune sheet and 12 tunes on 21” cylinder. On base legs (not original). Serial Number 19169. Unrestored: one broken tooth, two damaged tunes. Provenance: Purchased from George Walker Auction in 1964/65 by JRW.
Price NZD $2500.00

Provenance: Second to last Piano manufactured by Brinsmead in December 1909. Original owner William (Bill) Cruickshank. Second owner a lawyer from Hastings Le Bond/ Helleur. Purchased in 2003 from J. Stimpson from Taupo by JRW. Some restoration required, again Piano restorer available if required.
Price NZD $3000.00

With candle sticks Partially rebuilt - needs a little more work, Piano restorer available.
Offers Over NZD $2000.00

(Has a mirror back) Matching stool Brought to NZ by Duthie family to Dunedin. Full detailed history dating back to original owner born 1853. Needs work.
Offers Over NZD $2000.00